With tonight’s wonderfully lucky new moon and the curtain so thin, it’s an excellent time for all things divine.

You know what’s divine? Dancing. I’ve recently started a class, and I’m kind of blown away by how powerful and sensual not only my body is but by all bodies moving and stomping and swaying and gyrating together to this loud jungle beat. It’s a force. It’s a freedom I hadn’t fully known before.

And this is what I envision: not inside a studio but outside in a forest clearing. Nightfall. A bonfire. Drums and violins playing prominently amid other instruments, fierce and enchanting. And then everyone just dances, sets themselves free. My beloved and I move to every single flow inside and outside of us and maybe even trance into some wild abandon. Raw and tribal and pure and the definition of beautiful.

That’s what I’d like to experience one day…enlightened meditation via dance.


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