It can only be explained that the soul is birthed into water. Any memory of that sensation seems best represented in life through art. Music, poetry, painting, photography. The instinct of water captured for just a moment. People say the most peaceful way to die is drowning, itself a surrender, a giving into not a giving up.

I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by water for four days straight, with the added blessing of a full August moon. Friday the ocean, with its magnificent, infinite power and magic who bore witness to my swelling heart. Saturday the lake, with its calm lapping and sedentary depth amid goddesses. Sunday the drizzly rain that created an engulfing calm of domesticity. Monday, tonight, hard rain: preserving that which I already have. The sky is not weeping this week but shedding the sweat of doubt.

All the water of the world is carrying me on its rhythm and gravitational pull to my true north.



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    Dianne said,

    Aha, North, the strongest of all directions!! how apprapro!! whenever anyone is lost, they must follow north until found–are you ready to be found? I think so!! hang onto that compass and don’t lose your way.

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