june already. last time it was march already. this is how it goes.

writing from a cityscape instead of the country now. i no longer hear peepers but rather the passing of cars, the faint voices of neighbors, the clock tower in the distance, and always, the breeze. right now, some sirens for good measure.

it’s alive and it’s high and the change is good for me. stirs things up. the laundry is slow to dry so i came to check if i still exist here. and i do! much talk of blogs lately. people showing off their writing, others fashioning themselves “writers.” either way, everyone’s looking for someone to listen, however clandestine.

all i know is that it’s my time to be…everything. and so it is. by divine right i ask for what is mine with gratitude and hope.

god bless you, and you. thank you angels.



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