New Month

New year.

November is kicking my arse with writing and working. Overtime on all fronts. I have a whopping one sane hour to myself at day’s end, after 15 hours of doing the work of 10 women, so I’m pulling all the goddess strings and amping up on nicotine and caffeine. Plus a flu shot and ok one night crashing at the same time my son went to bed, but still.

It appears I’m delirious thus I wanted to stop by the grocery to pick up some balance. It seems no one is shopping at Magdelana’s Mini Mart, so I’m trying to drum up business.

Sliced bread: this week only, two for one special.


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  1. 1

    Erin said,

    I’m shopping and interested in all the specials Magdelanas has to offer 😉
    So much fun seeing you this past Sunday! love and hugs

    • 2

      Thanks for stopping in! The sliced bread is almost expired, but if you hurry you can get enough to make the Thanksgiving stuffing. Absolutely, was grand to see you too, always warms me heart.
      see you again soon!

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