This is about groceries, for real. Not just the blog category.

Our supplies are dangerously low. There was something perversely satisfying about watching the fridge empty out. Bound and determined not to go to the grocery this week (ok maybe spawned by the actual fact of having no money to go), I became fascinated by what I had stored away, way back inside the cupboards, the poor cans and boxed items that never get a second glance. But this week, a potluck potpouri of brown rice and frozen vegetable, risotto and frozen vegetable, frozen vegetables gone, so…beans. There was an egg fritada, bacon, and GF pancakes involved in a few breakfast cum dinnerfests. And apples, so many picked apples had. Lettuce and hummus, even broccoli inside taco shells (which was surprisingly awesome). Flax seeds.

At any rate…I’m looking forward to going to the grocery as some ladies might look forward to dress shopping; I’ve made several wish lists and have actually collected recipes and put them in my purse, which is so against my nature. I ususally wing it and figure I’ll remember all the ingredients to chosen dishes, then with child in tow come home with maybe something to make a complete dinner. In my defense, we enjoy eating tapas style so my incongruous shopping methods usually work out just fine. But now that the fridge, freezer, and cupboards are bare, it’s a clean slate. I’m enjoying a nesting of sorts, all cozy and cuddly in the new season (and next week the new year for Samhain!!!). I’m not quite going to make and can jam, but that’s the feeling.

The recipes in my purse, you ask? Sweet potato biscuits, Nana’s Louisiana stew, Italian bean soup, my mom’s sweet chili and then tamale pie with leftover chili. Then of course the fresh vegetables, fruits, anything not in a can or box or frozen, for a long long time. I think I’ll enjoy the replacing, the filling, the creating even more than the depleting, the removing, the emptying.

The moon is full!


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